About us

Who Are We

Created to encapsulate the Italian dolce vita (“good life”), Menestrello wines are a celebration of the Italian lifestyle: relaxed, fun, and full of character. Just like the minstrels, from which our name derives, we love to entertain, cheer up and bring people together for festive (or not) occasions.
Menestrello wines have been produced in North of Italy since 1988 and travelled around the world such as in the UK, US and Europe. 
We love to bring our unique Italian nature and culture everywhere, but we love more that each person opens with their own stories and uniqueness over a glass of our wines.
Menestrello Prosecco

Our Vineyards

Menestrello hails from the hills of the Treviso province, in the heart of the Prosecco region and lying between the imposing Dolomites mountain range and the Adriatic Sea.  Less than 50km from Venice, the landscape surrounding the winery is breath-taking with steep slopes and picturesque villages. A UNESCO World Heritage Site status, it is this stunning landscape that provides such a unique place for viticulture and gives the wines of Menestrello their soul and character.
Most Menestrello grapes start their lives on the prestigious Montello and Asolo hills, which are renowned for their quality, before being carefully handled by our amazing winemaking team in our winery.  Vineyards have been lovingly tended to in this area for decades, and Menestrello aims to carry on this tradition by producing great quality wines that are exciting and fun to drink.

Our winery

Just outside Vidor stands the Menestrello winery, a modern, state-of-the-art facility with quality at the heart of everything we do. Winemaking in this region is a centuries-old tradition, so while the technology may be modern, the winemaking methods honour this heritage and history.
The winery works with some of the best and most-renowned grape growers whose vineyards are tended with the utmost care throughout the growing season to capture the essence of the Italian countryside and bring you the dolce vita in a glass.
Lively, fruity and fun, these are the hallmarks of Menestrello. We work our vineyards, with the utmost care at every single step of the production process, from the field to the cellar for you enjoy our wines in the best possible condition.