La Dolce Vita in a Glass

Our Prosecco

Menestrello is all about celebrating the good times together. Made just for you in the Treviso region near beautiful Venice, we’re bringing the Italian Dolce Vita from our home to yours. It’s the Italian lifestyle in a bottle, ready to be opened. 

Menestrello Prosecco

Are you ready to Pop?

Menestrello Prosecco

sparkling good wines from Northern Italy

We’re so lucky to call the Montello and Asolo hills our home, where each bottle of Menestrello begins its journey. Each vine is cared for with the skill and knowledge which has been  passed down over the decades, before making its way to our state of the art winery, where we produce stunning, high quality sparkling wines for you to enjoy.

Open, Pour, Enjoy

What’s a celebration without a bottle of fizz? The perfect aperitif, Menestrello is a fabulous way to start any occasion. Whether it’s a picnic on the beach with friends, that special date night or a birthday bash, Menestrello makes it that extra bit special.