La Dolce Vita in a Glass

Our Prosecco

Menestrello is all about celebrating the good times together. Made just for you in the Treviso region near beautiful Venice, we’re bringing the Italian Dolce Vita from our home to yours. It’s the Italian lifestyle in a bottle, ready to be opened. 

Menestrello Prosecco

Are you ready to Pop?

Menestrello Prosecco

Exciting sparkling wines from Northern Italy

Most Menestrello grapes start their lives on the prestigious Montello and Asolo hills, which are renowned for their quality, before being carefully handled at a state of the art winery nearby. Vineyards have been lovingly tended to in this area for decades, and Menestrello aims to carry on this tradition by producing great quality wines.

The Perfect Companions

Menestrello wines are the perfect aperitif, as well as being a natural partner to a host of dishes.  From starters to light seafood dishes, pasta to dessert, the fresh and rounded taste of Menestrello is wonderful accompaniment at the dinner table, on the sofa, or in the picnic hamper.